To be ignored by whom you are speaking too
yo whats up man
(B L A N K E D)
by LÉ MáC February 19, 2004
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A blank is when you about to cum and you mom walks into the room. You immediately drop your dick in the sight of your own mother resulting in you not having an orgasm.
Dude, I was in my room going ham on my wang but my mom decided to walk in. I blanked so hard.
by sparkyjo December 16, 2014
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To Yell or Blame somebody for something they did
Grandma Blanked when she found out i stole her car
by Ramo June 20, 2004
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The purposeful or accidental act of not acknowledging someone when they are trying very hard to get your attention.
Keith: Dan! Dan! Hey Dan! DAN!

Dan: ...

Keith: Dan! Dan!

Jones: He is so blanking you.
by gabe121212 January 30, 2008
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by Doctorwho101 March 30, 2021
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To take whatever you’re doing to extreme measures.

Blank was created in Charlotte, NC during the mid 90s/early 2000s. In the same era and city, the word was also used to describe a dance in which a person squats down and makes various hand motions to a certain rhythm.
In Charlotte, Tradewinds was the place to roller skate and dance afterwards. We battled to see who could blank the hardest on the dance floor.

Bruh straight blankin’ with the box Chevy on 6’s.

He tried ol’ girl and got blanked on.
by Elevator Jay May 17, 2018
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