People who tend to bitch and complain about things that don't even matter in life. Also a person who act likes a baby or toddler.
Jim was acting like a bitch baby because he didn't get a text back.
by Keyshanae January 31, 2017
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when someone is being an extreme bitch and or baby.
by Aren W May 11, 2008
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A Bitch Baby is someone who bitches all the time. They also proceed to whine like a baby when he/she doesn't get what they want.
Unimportant idiotic people: "I actually like Joseph Dolce IV. He's cool.
People with a sense of morale and ethics: Are you fucking retarded? He's such a bitch baby."
by Bitchbabyhater123 December 4, 2017
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What you call your brother when he complains about something pathetic and he ends up crying from you calling him a "bitch baby"
Rin: god, i fucking hate haru, but he's so hot, but god i fucking hate him...
Kou: Your such a fucking bitch baby
Rin: *cries* i'm not a bitch baby!
by Claudeishawt101 November 14, 2017
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a. (Noun) An exclamation used when something happens, or in place of an exclamation point.

b. (Noun) A term used to describe something or someone that is mildly annoying

Note: It must be used in situations considered mild. Extreme situations require stronger exclamations, such as "fuck".
1. (Waiting for netflix to finish loading) Let's go, bitch baby!
2. (Waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road) Move it, bitch baby!
3. (When you can't open a jar of pickles) Come on, bitch baby!
by chiffon7333 June 17, 2021
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A piece of work, douech bag. This person is the type of person who really pisses you off by dissapointing you all the time and or ditching you whenever you have plans together. That or they fail at life because they don't have an A in Music Appreciation, when everyone else does and it's the easist class ever. It's hard to spot a bitch baby; you can tell if your friends are a bitch baby easily though, just make plans and if they ditch to see their "dead mothers grave" then they are a bitch baby. They also try to make up other excuses by saying umm alot.
Jack: Hey Stan, why did you ditch us last night.
Stan: Well, ummm, yeah, about that. I had to go see my grandmother's grave.
Jack: The one that is still alive, or the one that you don't have?
Stan: Ummmm, well she died last night.
Jack: And she already has a grave and is burried?
Stan: Umm, yeah.
Jack: Quit making up excuses you little bitch baby.
by Sneabretsam December 26, 2008
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Someone who cries about everything/ complains alot
Me: stop being a little bitch baby it was just an election
Trump: it's never just an election
by GayAli January 6, 2021
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