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A name that can be given to both girls or boys. The origin of the name is Japanese and for some reason means "park". People tend to name their child Rin if they are very energetic children and are always happy.
Hey man you see what Rin did yesterday? He was all crazy and shit with that ADD.
by zeldafan13 November 05, 2011
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Fucking hot; good in bed; very cute; nice hair; sometimes they hate falling in love; has there heartbroken too many times.
Rin is hot.
by Lakjrieinsneh June 26, 2016
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1) A character from the hit anime show, Inuyasha. She was killed by wolves at a young age and brought back to life by Lord Sesshomaru's sword, Tensigua. She now followes Lord Sesshomaru and Jaken.
2) The Japanese word for park or playground.
1) Sesshomaru- Rin, we are leaving.
Rin- Yes, m'lord.
2) Child 1- Let's go play at the rin!
Child 2- The rin?
Child 1- The park, stupid!
by rin-chan December 30, 2005
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A character in the hit anime/manga series, InuYasha, by Rumiko Takahashi. The girl who cared for Sesshomaru when he was badly injured. After being nearly devoured by the wolves of the Yoro clan, she is revived by the power of Tenseiga. After that the innocent girl becomes attatched to Sesshomaru.
by Chika July 21, 2005
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An adorable little girl in the manga/anime series Inuyasha.
"Rin is so cute. ^_^"
by Dave January 14, 2004
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A character from the manga Fruits Basket. She is part of the Shoma inner circle and as such is cursed by the zodiac. This causes her to change into a horse when hugged by a member of the oppisite sex. Rin is in love with Haru.
Rin has cool hair
by Rae12391 July 10, 2008
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Different name for fennec fox

Rins (Risorins) is a fennec fox in the guise of a human being. This fox is capable of great and deadly things including, but not limited to the below.

1. Draw great pieces of art, which is amazing if you consider that she is a fennec fox.

2. Cause mass heart attacks to anyone seeing her through her beauty.

3. Lighting people up on fire in the summoner's rift.
Oh my god, are you Ri- (collapses from heart attack caused by seeing Rins)
by Sugard June 20, 2019
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