A term used to describe a gambler who has lost a lot in a gambling session.

This term is similar to the term, barreled in.
Pat just went 0-10 with MLB spring training baseball games, he is burried.

Tony took out a mortgage and bet on Celtics money line. If the Celtics lose tonight, he'll be burried.
by picoman March 31, 2009
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1. The state or physical characteristic of being extremely cold.
I hate living in Minneosota because its so fuckin' burry all the time!
by lordofthelemons240 February 2, 2011
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Describes a person/group of people that seem to be average/normal at the surface, but really they have some crazy things going on!
"Desiree is such a Burris! You would never guess that a shy timid girl like her would be a stripper!"

"Did you know 2 people over in accounting accidentally got pregnant and the other one got a DUI? Dude, what a bunch of Burris'!"
by Rocelle June 14, 2008
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To leave a social event without any advance warning. An abrupt disappearance. Often a function of over-indulgence.
Is he still here or did he pull a Burry?
by cunning linguist February 3, 2004
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A chat user of the Massassi Temple (Massassi.net)
<Burrie> Don't forget that I'm a old, pissed, dillusional, ghetto Scott-Dutchman that lives on a houSeboat with a windmill and a brothel who doesn't like being called an addict...
by The Phantom Trout June 21, 2004
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Burry - a noun, implies a person who has a speech impediment. Impaired pronunciation of the letter 'R' as "H" 'gh', 'kh' or 'ch' etc. Also rhotacist, which comes from the Latin - rhotacismus, from the Greek - rhotakizein. Rhotacismus a type of dyslalia.
~ May introduce to you Genevieve Commander(H) of the gr(HR)ey in Or(RH)lais? It is she who told me of the order(RH)`s need, and thus i br(HR)ing her(h) here to you.

- Jeez, I can't concentrate on the story when the voice recording session is delivered by burry.
by BeerClaimer December 18, 2021
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A pangender-inclusive word used to describe a group of two or more people who may have varying genders, or whose genders may not be known at the time of use. The word rejects the false assumption of cisnormativity and prevents gender stereotyping in the idiomatically gender-biased English language.

Native or intoxicated Polish-American English speakers may interchangeably substitute the colloquial and gender-insensitive phrase "you guys" with the proper, gender-sensitive term "burris".
Gender-sensitive: "Hey burris, I'm going to drink heavily and throw axes tonight! I love Poland."
Colloquially: "Hey you guys, I'm going to drink heavily and throw axes tonight! I love Poland."
by BenShapiro June 23, 2018
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