The best and worst and most unoriginal and lazy excuse made up by adolescents to do stupid things. It has been passed down from the beginning of time. Used on parents and other friends and acquittances who live above the influence to make them stop bothering you about the stupid thing you're doing.

Half the time not "everyone" does it, its usually just a handful of people who seem cool at the time, but probably will end up being prostitutes or drug dealers or politicians, or all at the same time.
Mom- why do you wear your pants so low? It's gross and makes you seem like a douche.

Son- Everyone else does!
by AboveTheInfluence63 April 10, 2011
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Then, under the auspices of this, how is Matt Walsh NOT responsible for that school shooting? Where he said it was a holy war and then the next day their was a school. Shooting a at catholic school. The first trans shooter ever. If HE is responsible for everything HE does... AND everything everyone else does... How is the thing I SAID earlier incorrect?
A fucking retard "Cus you're a misogynist and I don't want you to be right about anything anymore."

Hym "Well... I AM. You make up your own bullshit rules regarding behavior. You apply it to everyone. You give yourself a pass. You give your logic never applies to your friends or allies. And then you turn around and cry when anyone else doesn't follow them. 'But why aren't you following my rule about not talking about my slut-daughter and/or purpose generating fuck trophies!?' Look at him! 'You're responsible for what you do AND what everyone else does.' So how is your co-worker NOT responsible for your 'holy war' against the trans the resulted in a bunch of murdered children? BY YOUR OWN LOGIC Matt Walsh has murdered more children then I have. Or am I ALSO responsible for that? I'm responsible for everything everyone does? Is society responsible? Is society 'getting what it deserves' when that happens? I take no responsibility for that. I have been largely excised from society. So no... I'm not responsible for that. Matt IS responsible for that. According to Jordan Peterson. Both can go fuck themselves. Enjoy your 'holy war' and your dead kids."
by Hym Iam September 9, 2023
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