A tite ass city in southern Mississippi.
guest1: "So, where we goin for vacation? Hawaii, Cancun or Biloxi."
guest2: "Oh, Biloxi of course! It's the most happnin place"
by shoVel July 25, 2003
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When something is worse than bad. When you think, "This is worse than my worst, how do you define that?"

Refers to how horrible of a city Biloxi is, especially in reference to its proximity to New Orleans.
He made the mistake of eating the live bait, and the fishing trip just went Biloxi from there.
by Happysin March 9, 2009
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When you pay a large woman $35 to finger your butthole in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Damn! I spent all my money last night gambling. At least the Biloxi Buckshot helped lift my spirits.
by jacie9030 August 22, 2023
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A proper biloxi blister is when a lady sits on your face, grinds the hell out of your entire face with her vagina and she must spit on your face to lubricate the face to vagina movement.
its nothing like a birmingham blister or a denver omlette as suggested by some unskilled newbs. "You aint in biloxi if you dont see a lil cartilage" Hence Biloxi Blister
by southern sex slinger September 1, 2009
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gential lice you catch from unsavory woman at the project longue in biloxi Missiissppi
I took this whore home from the project last night and that bitch gave me a case of Biloxi crawfish.
by Edaurdo Jones September 28, 2007
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One sexually attracted to another or others of the same sex. A homosexual.
Dude! Bob just asked me if he could blow me! I didn't know he was Biloxi Press!
by twiggy January 3, 2003
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