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A group of more than two people that can't defend themselves in times of trouble, mainly due to a weak status
of self assurance.
"Mark got jumped by a gang yesterday..
I guess it couldnt be one on one..."
by shoVel July 27, 2003
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Classification of an obese person that
has no will to help themselves lose weight.
"Hey check it out, that PORKER sure is puttin those three woppers away pretty easy!"
by shoVel July 20, 2004
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n. Representing the fecal matter from the anus.
def 2. n.
Marcus: "hey dog, I found a $100 on the ground.."
Chris: "Shid... Yo ass aint found no $100.."
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
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A tite ass city in southern Mississippi.
guest1: "So, where we goin for vacation? Hawaii, Cancun or Biloxi."
guest2: "Oh, Biloxi of course! It's the most happnin place"
by shoVel July 24, 2003
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noun; Reffering to the object known as a crack pipe.
Commonly made from a small glass tube.
Crack Smoking women are commonly known to give oral pleasure to men for crack or money. Therfore we get the name "Glass Dick".
Tyrone: "Is Tameka sucking that -glass dick- again?"
Pookie: "Yea, looks like it."
Tyrone: "Damn she a crack head hoe."
by shoVel November 23, 2005
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The oriental way of saying Brother without using an asian accent.
asian1: "Hey Brudda, I see u yestaday at store buying food stuff."
asian2: "?"
(asian2 doesnt speak english)
by shoVel July 27, 2003
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n. Referring to the females vagina.
"Girl, U need to give me some poonanny,
Im gettin horny as a mug!"
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
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