19 definitions by twiggy

To use the kitchen utensil to please ones sexual needs
Lets just hope that spatchula dont rust off your luv juices !!!
by twiggy August 03, 2004
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The ACTUAL longest word you can type using only your left hand. Most people think this is "stewardesses" but they are wrong.
I like them there stewardesseses.
by twiggy June 03, 2005
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Noun: testicles, nuts, balls, bits, jewels, nads, DNA factory, knackers, tonkers, bollocks, nutmegs, stones, huevos, cojones, valseuses, grapes, diamonds, cobblers, marbles, gonads, eggs, kintama, love blobs
My friend is in the hospital after getting smacked in the twig and giggleberries with a frying pan.
by twiggy April 05, 2005
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To skinny dip on a crowded beach and then run round the beach naked
Eh , lurd this free willy'in is boss i feel so free like ive just been on a nite of mozam
by twiggy August 03, 2004
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Not very attractive, someone willing to sacrifice their body for pleasure
Eeeh he/she isnt really my type but he/She is fuckable.
by twiggy February 07, 2015
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