man that was tite
by Tommy May 3, 2003
Fililpino word for penis/cock
My tite is big like an anaconda
by G.E July 29, 2004
Short for tight. See tight.
That new CD is so tite!
by Kate March 26, 2004
very cool, usually meening an object, sometimes an event.
person"my new phone is tite".

person"the new cd is tite".

person1"omgthis guy asked me to the movies." person2"tite!"
by cOnFuSeDwReCk... February 25, 2006
1.someone who has never had sex before or not much experience. tite pussies give more pleasure
2.when sumone is being stubborn
1.that bitches ass is tite! why u bein so tite for, come on i'll give it back just let me use it...
by rita June 14, 2004
Commonly confused with the word "tight". Tite is generally used when talking about the female private area. In most cases being tite is a badge of honor, proving that you don't get around the corner and then some.
Steve: Hey Bill did you see that new girl, she was hella tight.

Bill: Haha ur right, she was tite. (grinning)
by The Master Gregger September 14, 2009
From the Greek: tight

A term that descended from the more common term, tight which is often misspelled.

1. slang for cool
2. too small
1. That book was tite!
2. Keisha, girl, you think these pants are too tight?
by Michelle March 27, 2005