42nd US president. Said to have done great things for our shores, but overseas he did crappy. He was also immoral and lied under oath, actually making him the first president to do so.
"Some say that Bill Clinton is to blame for Nine-Eleven. Who knows who to blame..."
by Dave March 31, 2004
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The Man who made a mockery of the United States, and made the white house a joke
DAMN YOU BILL CLINTON... George Bush did the same though
by Cards in 06 September 7, 2006
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God Damn good man. Helped our economy, great speaker, and showed that you can ger some in the office, even if from some fat intern
Bill Clinton, Better than John Kerry
by ass hat December 5, 2004
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A President who liberals admired for reasons I cannot understand. Evidence of how backwards America has gotten if this guy gets slapped with the "librul" tag:

1. He signed the DMCA.

2. He actively supported DOMA.

3. He escalated the fascist War on Drugs.

4. He insituted an extremely regressive grocery tax as governor of Arkansas.

5. He was an imperialist.

6. The only thing good about him is that his opponents were even more evil.
Bill Clinton represnts how pathetic America has become, especially concerning that his opponents were even more bigoted and puritanical.
by jj_frap October 11, 2003
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a fucking gay faggot that had an affair with Monica Lewinsky and wanted to cover it up and change the story by attcking serbia. a country that has no threat to america.
The War against Serbia was unwarranted on strategic, legal and moral grounds. Serbia was the fourth country Bill Clinton has bombed in the past seven months during his time. That record is one of a trigger-happy administration that has created an image of America as the planetary bully. Decent Americans need to make a stand when it has reached the point of a full-scale war of aggression against a country that has done America no harm.
by CrnaStrela August 22, 2005
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We are all going away.Just you wait and see.

It's all over and done with.Finito Caput,THE END.
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