The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, also known as the law made by the Digital Millennium of Cunts and Asses. Their goal is to censor everything on the internet that they don't like.
Fuck the DMCA
by Ssero7 August 5, 2021
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The main reason why America's copyright system sucks. The DMCA is also why YouTube doesn't have any type of fair use.
Guy1: My YouTube video got a DMCA takedown.
Guy2: We need to get rid of these DMCA copyright laws.
Rich Corporate Dick: I like the DMCA because it falls in favor of my corporation.
by MrDylanyay June 19, 2016
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Decadent Monopolies Criminal Amendment (noun) \ˈdē,ˈem,ˈsē,ˈā\: A contract signed between a powerful elite of racketeers and the government, with funds transferred between the two parties in a legalised bribery practice known as known as lobbying. Has managed to corrupt the law so thoroughly that often the money the court extorts from a person for sharing a single song on the internet is often far greater than the amount extorted from rapist, child molesters and perpetrators of violent assaults.
I used to respect the government, then they created the DMCA.
by The Last Raj of India January 17, 2011
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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act; The law that Corporate America uses to stifle innovation and competition; the result of the RIAA's and MPAA's lobbying powers; the end of Fair Use laws.

Way to go, Clinton. Please to be dying kthnx.
by Ninja Disaster July 4, 2003
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v., To have intellectual property removed due to a copyright claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Often cited on Youtube.
With someone elses material on your video, they can DMCA you.
by Hadafakaya June 14, 2010
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The most retarded law in the past 50 years
Oh you agree with the dmca? No wonder everybody thinks your so fucking dumb
by Chemochamp December 23, 2020
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Piece of toilet paper excuse for a law that makes it illegal to tamper with your own goods. Also provisions for internet censorship.

Pure evil
Hey I just made my DVD player region free.. I know its illegal under the DMCA but who cares, I dont live in a country where they make such stupid laws

Hey I dont like what it says on this website, Ill claim the stuff on it is my intellectual property and have the site shut down
by towel401 September 14, 2004
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