in or to a foreign country that is across a sea or ocean
should we continue to sell the fragrance in exclusive outlets in overseas markets?
by Ramy007 March 14, 2014
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Going across a body of water to another piece of land
Ohh look over there, why don't we go overseas to tazmania , come on hun , yes we like melbourne but come on , new country
by BFG 2000 and trustworthy December 5, 2019
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In reality, this is your male penpal who's been calling you by the wrong name since you started corresponding with him in 5th grade and you never had the balls to correct him.

Often used as the basis for your explanation of why you don't have a GF because of this girl overseas your "kind of dating".
Sorry guys, I cant play D & D with you losers tonight because I have to get on AOL instant messenger with my overseas girlfriend...
by Brinkman1 December 15, 2009
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A metaphor for drinking alcohol. Kendrick Lamar used this metaphor on his 2012 song, "Swimming Pools."
by Gabe H. Coud October 1, 2021
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When an American goes to a foreign country, usually in Asia, and uses his/her fly abilities to attain sex from every person he/she desires
Ryan: Yo Anh still in Vietnam?
Nic: Hell yeah hes been overseas pimp'n for months!
Ryan: Damn so lucky
by V Priest July 2, 2010
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A woman in the US Army who is not good looking, but overseas, where the pool of available American and English speaking women is slim, she becomes a highly valued commodity.
"Sally's got a face like a tank, but she's got a line of guys outside her barracks room waiting to see her."

"If we weren't in Korea, she'd be alone."
"Yeah, she's a real overseas princess. She'd better milk this, because when she goes back to the states, its lonely nights for her."
by Overseas Soldier September 8, 2009
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Doggystyle while having a view of the ocean
Backstroke=Hittin it from the back
Overseas= in or to a foreign country, especially one across the sea.

Hints the term backstroke oversea(s)
by Jdicjsnsjsisjf July 21, 2017
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