A term used to insult one's abilities or to call them a failure.
Q: "What did you get on that test?"
A: "Not too well...I got a 20%. I really Jimmy Carter-ed it"

"I knew Jimmy Carter...I worked with Jimmy Carter...and you sir may be the worst failure in modern history, but you are no Jimmy Carter"
by Bucky O'Hare April 22, 2006
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A man with faux moralistic ideals that often came into conflict with his policy. Haunted by his failed hostage rescue attempt he will be long remembered as a failure of a president.
by Japanadan October 08, 2004
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The most bizarre president since Teddy Roosevelt. Did a crappy job running the country, and then got praised for telling everyone to make nice while encouraging the states of mind that opposed peace.

Sold a book that sucks
This moron thinks Israel is apartheid. Jimmy Carter is such a douchebag
by Anti-Carter January 20, 2007
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Jimmy Carter, is an american porn actor who rose to fame on the social media outlet, Tumblr, with an exstensive collection of Raunchy, tasteless images and videos of himself partaking in crude and humiliating sexual acts.
He has branded himself; "The fag of tumblr."
Ive been watching Jimmy Carter videos and jerking off all day.
by Grace Whiteside July 24, 2017
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A Georgia Democrat and peanut farmer. 39th American President. Moron. Self-righteous. Hypocrite. The pot calling the kettle black. He violated ex-President etiquette by criticizing the current President. He had the audacity to call George W. Bush the “worst” President in US History, when his own tenure as President was filled with ineptitude and weakness. He couldn’t lead the country out of a paper bag. His Presidency was a joke and Democrats couldn‘t even work with him. He did NOTHING as President but sold the Panama Canal and made America a mockery in Central America. He must be really good at giving head to get the vote for Nobel Peace Prize. What a winner. At least W, they guy he criticized, did a few good things. Carter didn’t do a dam thing. What a phony hypocrite.
Jimmy Carter is a nice, caring human being but is misguided and lacks common sense. A good man but a horrible President.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 07, 2007
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