Doesn't have a good poker face.
I can tell when he's lying.
When he gets really really pissed and red faced and shakes his finger THAT's when he is lying.
Bill Clinton "I did not have sex with that woman" "I tried to get Osama" *head explodes*
by i pooped in your shoe September 22, 2006
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A do-nothing president who is conferred God-like status for liberals. See also John F. Kennedy. Like Kennedy, often credited with accomplishments he actually didn't have. For instance, "Under Clinton we never had any terrorist attacks" (see USS Cole, African Embassy Bombings and Oklahoma Federal Building); "Under Clinton, we never had any wars" (see Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Kosova, Serbia, Iraq, Somalia and Rwanda - all of which except Iraq were civil wars and conflicts that had NO affect on American national security); "The economy is worse now than it was when Clinton was in office/ Clinton made the economy better" (the president does not have the power to "make" an economy better - that is achieved mostly through lending and monetary policy set by the Federal Reserve, which is not subject to Presidential authority. This is still a relatively free-market economy, and one man is not capable of affecting it drastically one way or another); "Clinton spent more money on education" (George W. Bush has spent more on education, especially with the passage of No Child Left Behind, a horribly bloated piece of over-spending crap legislation in its own right); "Clinton spent more money on welfare and minorities" (Clinton cut welfare to minorities and poor people for the first time since the Johnson administration - it is the only redeeming quality he has in the eyes of politically conservative Americans). When one pulls ones head out of ones ass and examines what the hell Clinton actually DID do while he was in office, one draws a less glamorous and more realistic picture of the man as a President. Also known for receiving oral sex from a 20 year old White House intern, lying about it to Congress and being the only president to be impeached and not removed from office. Among his other accomplishments are taking more overseas trips on taxpayer funds than any other President in history, hiking taxes, reducing defense spending, over-regulating the CIA, NSA, FBI and other security organizations, making them less effective at their jobs and unable to effectively coordinate, smiling, and making eloquent, yet completely meaningless and useless political speeches. Was previously the governor of one of America's most impoverished and redneck states, yet is inexplicably not thought of as a redneck or an uneducated hillbilly like his successor.
Liberal: Bill Clinton saved America from famine, flood, economic disaster, herpes, AIDS, poverty, hurricanes, pollution, racism, premature ejaculation, debt, theft and cancer.

Conservative: Clinton didn't do any of that.


Conservative: What? What are you talking about?

Liberal: Don't be a racist!

Conservative: <blink>
by John Fruggenhaggen August 15, 2007
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The slickest substance known to man. This is something that has or could crawl through a world of manure and still come out clean as a whistle. For some odd reason or reasons, many lower life forms consider this a good thing.
Al Franken cooked himself a shit sandwich on Bill Clinton cookware and he had no problem washing it clean after he ate since nothing stuck to the slick and non-porous cooking surface.
by OnTheSideOfRight October 3, 2006
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A man I hate because before Bill Clinton I was a Democrat who was atleast semi-optimistic about politics but after Bill Clinton I am for the destruction of all governments on earth because Clinton showed me just how evil politicians really are!
After Bill Clinton got through with all his shit I will never trust another politician again in my life! Not for as long as I live!

I hate polticians and Clinton is the embodiment of the word politician.

Check his fuckin head for sixes.
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Maybe if he wasn't too busy getting blowjobs from interns coughhMONICALEWINSKYoooooooughghggh he'd of been a better prez.
by Eaglesfan005 February 27, 2005
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One of the worst presidents in U.S. history. Cheated on his wife, then lied about it (but I kind of don't blame him, I mean, look at who his wife is). Inherited a good economy and took credit for it. Then destroyed the economy, while Bush takes the blame. The president doesn't have much to do with the economy.
Only president so far to have been elected by MTV. Oh, yeah, and his running mate claimed to have invented the internet after Clinton got out of office.
by Jess April 18, 2005
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