Short for Beverage, usually used to describe alcoholic drinks.

Definitely NOT in any way an attractive/sexy person, despite Lucie from Love Island using it 30 times an hour in a vain attempt to make it stick.
‘Fancy nipping down the pub for a bevvy?’

‘BBQ tomorrow? We’ll sink a few bevs
by CF Enterprises June 4, 2019
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Something that’s sexy. A word made up by Lucie from Love Island 2019, who keeps trying to make it happen.
That’s bevvy.
by 02JS June 3, 2019
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See bevvie, bevvied.

Slang term for a drink (beverage), usually alcoholic, most often beer or lager. Can also be used in to describe the process of getting steaming drunk.
1. F*@k me, I've had a shit day at work. Could murder a bevvy.

2. "Did you see Billy puking hits guts outside the pub last night"
"Yeah, what a wanker, only takes 6 pints and he's well bevvied!"
by 123456 May 25, 2004
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More than one alcoholic drink. Plural of bevy. Word used throughout the UK, but originally more common in the North/Scotland.
I'm going down the boozer tonight to meet my mates and sink a few bevvies!
by w00fdawg September 30, 2005
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adjective: very drunk, see trolleyed, munted, etc
"Let's go oot an' get bevvied man!"
by wee_jambo_lou January 9, 2006
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Slang term for an alcoholic drink. Usually referring to spirits rather than beer or wine.
For example Gin and Tonic.
I'm just popping to the local pub for a bevvie
by Jesse Kyle July 5, 2015
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bevvy is drink that contains alcohol.
you want tae go fora wee bevvy
by Anonymous October 1, 2003
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