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UK television presenter and journalist who specialises in being an unpleasant bitch. Is most well known at present for hosting the quiz "The Weakest Link" where she castigates the participants and insults them in every way possible before dismissing losing players with the phrase "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"

A recovering alcoholic, who lost custody of her daughter. Even after a fortune spent on plastic surgery she still has a most unpleasant smug expression stuck on her face.

She has a vastly over-inflated opinion of herself, and in addition showed her very unappealing racist side when she appeared on a chat show and made the remark, "What are the Welsh for?".

If that bitch Anne Robinson had said "What are the Jews for?" she would have been kicked off television for good. However, as it was "only the Welsh", no action was taken against her.
by w00fdawg November 21, 2005
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During a shared meal, where various dishes are on the table at once (for example tapas), instead of taking a fair share of the different foods available, helping yourself to large portions of the choicest foods, piling the plate as in a buffet.

This will will leave fellow diners disgruntled when they realise all the spiced meatballs, prawns, anchovies and roasted aubergines are on your plate, but they will be too polite to complain in front of you.
"I am NEVER going out to dinner with Alex again!"

"Why not?"

"We ordered six different dishes to be shared between us and he took all the choicest bits from all of them. His plate was piled so high! He totally went into buffet mode, the greedy hog!"
by w00fdawg October 15, 2005
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A mishearing of chickenpox (varicella), a viral illness characterized by a very itchy red rash. Commonly heard in South Wales, in particular Llanelli.

Despite the lipsmackin' monicker, the discarded scabs are NOT recommended for human consumption.

"Taffy, worra those big scabs yew are scratchin' there? I bet you 'ave the chicken box!"
by w00fdawg September 05, 2005
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A reluctance to give donations to charities raising funds for natural disasters such as the aftermath of the Tsunami, the S Asian Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters. These events appear to occur with increasing frequency and so the public become weary of constantly being called upon to donate funds to help the needy.

This is also accompanied by a feeling that funds given in the past have been mismanaged through poor administration and other factors: therefore there is little point in making a donation as it will never reach those who need it most.
Roger was suffering from compassion fatigue when he watched another appeal to help the victims of the S Asian Earthquake. This time, he decided, charity begins at home. He went out for a few drinks down the pub.
by w00fdawg October 13, 2005
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Compensation. To receive payment for an injury, physical or mental.

In some areas, a raised paving stone is regarded as a golden opportunity to raise money, and all the wasters and low-lifes will attempt to break something by *accidentally* tripping over said stone.

Commonly used in South Wales.
"Hey, did you hear that Dai broke his leg falling down the steps outside the pub last night?"

"The lucky bugger! He's done well, he should get a load of compo!"
by w00fdawg November 03, 2005
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Sweetheart. From the Welsh. Deriving from the welsh word "caru" =to love
"Aarron is such a cariad, I love him to bits"
by w00fdawg August 13, 2005
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A means of stimulating the clitoris. Generally referring to a device such as vibrator, but there are various other stimulators available.

Generally, direct clitoral stimulation is required for orgasm to be achieved.
"For goodness' sake, Humphrey, wake up at once! You may have jerked a massive cumload into my cunt with your predictable pump action, but if I am going to get off tonight, you had better apply a clitoral stimulator to my love button!"
by w00fdawg September 05, 2005
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