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word for an a alcoholic drink in the northern regions of Britain
I'm gan doon the pub for a bevy
by ianto December 23, 2004
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Any beverage that helps you achieve richter status. Usually Natural Light or its economic equivalent.
"Dude I slammed so many bevies last night I can't even think today"
"I need 30 bevies in the morning just to feel normal."
"Pass me a bevie, broski!"
by ackboozechief May 30, 2008
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a group of guys that you could call at any time and get something from, typically a booty call. Your bevy should be very diverse and reliable to cure common restlessness or boredom.
I need a brunette for my bevy, to keep it full...
by k.ralina December 11, 2007
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any group with more than 2 girls can be considered a bevy
a large bevy may consist of up to 15 or 20 ladies
Lets go down to the bar and try to work that bevy!
by nala October 05, 2006
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