when you accidentally send a message you can't delete well time to delete my tiktok account
Im right down done bad for sending that edit
by Yen io March 3, 2021
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To be stoned out of your mind whilst driving around town with your right window half down so that others can also know that you are baked as fuck.
'Are you right half down, right now?'
'oh fuck yeah.'
by mindin June 4, 2009
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a time in your life when everything seems to dissolve, every relationship, responsibility, goal, fear, dream, duty.
not to be mistaken with a midlife crisis or depression
Its burning down right before my eyes. Holy moly, the smell, the heat, the smoke! Nothing!
by Krkič May 16, 2019
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A saying, usually said at the end of a movie or performance, that basically means that you liked it a little bit, but it wasn't perfect.
I put left thumb up, right thumb down for that movie.
by Seshie January 15, 2009
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Someone who surprises you by how into giving oral sex they are. Possibly tries to downplay or deny interest in front of friends. If male, may seem to prefer giving oral sex over penetration.
Alan's right down--stayed there for hours then went home. Total trip.
by slapmagnit October 5, 2013
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