Thats one shmexy turtle you got there.
by Jenna <3 September 4, 2005
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1.)Another way to say SEXY.
2.)A combination of SEXY, SMOKING AND HOT
3.)A greater way to describe a VERY HOT PERSON.
That boy was very shmexy.
by oak los alamitos May 7, 2009
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Damn, that girl is hot... she fine.
(Damn, she shmexy- another way of saying this)
by leroy jenkinz November 8, 2007
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A combination of sexy, smooth, and hot.
You look very shmexy today.
She looks very shmexy in that tube top.
He looks very shmexy for a 16 year old.
by Angel2005399 October 9, 2006
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cool. thats seriously ALL it means. just cool. it has nothing to do with the word sexy, or smart, or smart and sexy, which some people have guessed it means, but no. just cool.

Note: Back in 5th grade, me and my friend alexis made this word up, and therefore have the right to make it mean cool.

Note: in some cases it can mean sexy, but only as a joke, like when talking about an ugly person: "Wow, he's super shmexy". but it is never a synonym for the actual word sexy, since it does not mean hot, or hott, or 'bangin', or anything else like that
Katie and Alexis are so shmexy that we are, in fact, shmexier than you.
by Kate- Eh?? 22 April 28, 2008
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blonde haired beauty with a gorgeous smile.
laura simpson is so freaking shmexy.
by ashleys lima April 12, 2007
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1)similar to smexy but with an H
2) more than just sexy
3) Slang For Sexy
oooh Dahmn That boy is soo Smexy!!!
Naw girl. He's Shmexy!!!
by ASLN!!!! April 10, 2007
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