kumalala kumalala kumala savesta 🤩
kumalala daddy oh
by italian.music April 19, 2022
Kumalala is a guy that kums in your lala. His antagonist is savesta. He will try to prevent kumalala to kum in your lala.
Kumalala has a mischievous grin and beautifull eyes, no one could refuse him kum-ing in your lala.

When Kumalala shows up, the kumalala theme starts playing.
guy1: yesterday i met kumalala
guy2: oh no, did he kum in your lala?
guy1: no, savesta came and tiktok-danced kumalala away
*kumalala theme song starts playing
by Ravendave447 June 14, 2022
Kumalala Kumala is one of the original battlers of Lightskinville, and the first real enemy of Savesta. He was born from the turmoil generated in the mind of SigmaWellbeing when he heard the song "Kumala Kumala Savesta". He has been fighting for the position of ruler for Lightskinville for decades, even though the song was released not that long ago.
Hi Tickle Tipson you look very Kumalala today
by JeQuavious Higglebottom June 12, 2022
When you ask your friend to do the song he sings all the day
Friend: Hey do that one song you sing all the day!
Other Friend: Kumalala Kumalala Kumela Savesta (N word) talking crazy we gon' hit him in his chesta, Ooooo na na na na savesta
by Sussy English August 17, 2022
Kumalala lore is a tiktok meme.
Basically, 2 beautiful lightskin men are known as "kumalala" and "savesta".
Kumalala is @thomsofficiel__
Savesta is @freddyt_smoove

Their theme song is "kumalala kumalala kumala savesta".
A : "Aye bro, kumalala or savesta ?"
B "Savesta has a higher lightskin level.. but Kumalala is taller. I'm gonna have to go with Kumalala."
A : "Awe come on mate !"
C : "Y'all are trippin. Bro 💀 solos kumalala lore."
by isachae May 27, 2022
Kumalala and Savesta are the best light skins in the lightskin-verse but which one is better? They both are at war with each other personaly Kumalala is better
Joe: Hey did you hear about Kumalala vs Savesta
Hugh: Yea Kumalala is wayyy better
Johnson(not good person): Savesta diff no cap
by lol olo June 8, 2022