A Greek male who makes friends while painting bricks, enjoys long games of soccer, loves Spongebob and competition, loves wearing vests, and loves exotic women.
Hey! Do you know Tasso?!
by chillpil November 16, 2009
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a gay dude who likes porn. he does vibe checks. he is scary. tasso pls stop.
'Tasso, stop doing vibe checks!'
by Mornen January 29, 2020
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tassos=teh cool
that is freakin tassos
by wahlquist May 17, 2004
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jerk who flirts with every girl he can, and leads girls on
he's pulling a tassos
by camille March 15, 2005
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A very high spirited teacher that's always smiling and laughing. She hit me with a ruler in fourth grade. She takes her teaching job very seriously and loves all children like they are her own.
A terrible volleyball coach.
Mrs. Tasso is a little insane about volleyball.
We are going to be the worst volleyball team on the planet.
by supercutekid November 20, 2011
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Tasso is a man that doesn’t like it when Bert breaks lamps. Also whenever he jumps in water there will be a tsunami warning and everyone will have to evacuate.
Tasso is dangerous
also he is Tasso the great!
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