Benis is to refer to ones entire package. Balls & Penis.
by Billy K. December 02, 2004
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something a person smokes that is either a dildo or a real penis
"Hey Jerry, wanna smoke some benis after school?"
"No David, I'm not gay"
by Yung Cannoli February 27, 2017
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Method of torture in with the genetalia is covered in honey. A beekeeper the releases thousands of bees onto the penis. Then, he blows an airhorn at it, angering the bees, and causing the to sting the penis. Used as a sentence to a rape crime.
Judge: I sentence this man to the Benis!
Person: No! Not the Benis!
Judge: You should've though of that before raping that 10 year old!
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BEE-nis –noun, plural -nises

1. A twelve inch purple dildo.

2. A person, especially a man, regarded as mean or contemptible.
1. Phil bought Sally a benis to aid in sexual intercourse.

2. Bruce tried to sleep with my girlfriend; he is a freaking benis.
by TheMolester October 28, 2006
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An all around athlete who elevates his team and those around him. A ferocious fighter who never backs down.
Man, that dude was just Beni.
by ABCTat February 14, 2010
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