A small village in North West Iran. 1,609 People live there as of 2016 and the population just grows like any other town or village.
"Have you heard of Benis?"
"You mean Penis?"
"No you fucking imbecile."
by Veteran Bandit September 11, 2020
Method of torture in with the genetalia is covered in honey. A beekeeper the releases thousands of bees onto the penis. Then, he blows an airhorn at it, angering the bees, and causing the to sting the penis. Used as a sentence to a rape crime.
Judge: I sentence this man to the Benis!
Person: No! Not the Benis!
Judge: You should've though of that before raping that 10 year old!
Benis is to refer to ones entire package. Balls & Penis.
by Billy K. December 3, 2004
When you accidentally smear beans on your dick.
Gamer 1: bruh not again.
Gamer 2: what's up?
Gamer 1: I just got benis again, dog.
Gamer 2: I told you to lay off the taco bell.
by Linc Is Brown June 8, 2021
A way of saying penis yet keeping it pg13.
Nah actually it means a kid who’s dad left

Or it means the male g spot being tickled
Hey Lucas Joeys a benis uwu

Uhhhhh my beeennniiiiiissssss
by NOT JOEY JOHNSTON December 15, 2018
Benny: Oh Wow That Bee Has A Large Benis

Arren: Oh Ya Benny That is one Large Benis
by TakuJack May 1, 2020