Cockblock. See the 0 between the 69.
"Angelina from Jersey Shore is a TOTAL 609"
by leeleebeegee January 31, 2010
area code for south jersey were the party never stops unless the popo comes then u get the fuck out.
where u from 625
loser 609 is the shit
by r tewell May 8, 2008
New Jersey's FINEST live in the 609 area code
Girl:I dont know if i should accept your friend request, do i know you?

Boy: Yeahhh we both be reppin the 609!
by JennaKicksAss! March 16, 2008
When you're doing the 69 and both go O at same time
Me and miss Misty were getting it on in the 69 position and at same time we both climaxed and boom 609 was created
by the 609 guy July 6, 2022
yo im a shoobie from Maryland or Pennsylvania and its summer time so im going to go piss off the locals down at the shore / 609.
by dzin July 19, 2007
I knew the baby wasn't mine, Maury, but that didn't stop me from a little 609!
by Martino13 July 29, 2012
an area in cental new jersey
has the hottest girls
and the most hardcore guys

basically heaven
the wreckteens from the 609 rep their shit hard
by newXjersey April 29, 2008