N. The exact spot that when our children's children look back and wonder what the fuck happened to our civilization. They will have their answer.

N. Kim and Kanyes baby
John: "God I wonder what went so wrong in the world"
Jim: "oh if you reference your iPhone 15 it was when Kim and Kanye decided to
Name their baby North West."
by Doctor Emmit Brown July 1, 2013
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Washington, Oregon....and some might say Idaho

Most laid back area in the U.S.
Not just trees and rain like some people think...Yes it does rain 9/12 months a year butit doesnt bother us. Punk is very much alive here, REAL punk, grunge is too, Next big place for hip-hop, REAl hip hop, like the SandPeople. Liberal but not lazy, Not too mention the best home grown chronic.

Washington the only state where your an hour away from the desert, beach, mountains, and a major city.

We still rep the West coast and we like to visit California but we like living where were at.

Also home to the best fast food chain ever
BurgerVille, fuck McDonalds, and Burger king.

And you've probably heard right about Idaho, nothing but potatoes.
by OneFreshMexican. July 1, 2009
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Kim and Kanye's daughter. She never smiles in pics, just like her dad.
Why does North West always look so mad?
by KateDelevingne March 16, 2015
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A poor girl that will most likely grow to be an untalented teenager with a drug addiction. Because of neglect from her shallow, rich parents. She will likely be scarred by Her mothers nudes and pornos, as well has her fathers awful lack of good judgement. Just like beyonce and JZ's child, northwest will fade into obscurity soon, and all attention will go to kanye's supreme hatibleness and Kim's next nude photoshoot that people are somehow suprised by every time. We are sorry North, we hope you find some talent, you have not genetic ones, so work hard!
Story of North West:
Kanye: I want sex
Kim: ok
(9 monthes later)
Kim: Now we have a baby
Kanye: What the fuck do we do with this thing?
Kim: Idk. lolz
by doormandude May 31, 2015
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she's north west
by pb December 13, 2016
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North West Birmingham has recently become a big thing due to millionz (rapper) from Birmingham.

The North West of the city is definitely the more "Gang Affected" side of town, areas such as Aston, Perry Barr, Handsworth, Handsworth Wood, Winson Green, are largely gang affiliated areas (Burger Bar & Johnson Crew) other areas such as Smethwick & West Bromwich border the North West Birmingham border, but come under the Sandwell Borough but are still locally classed as North West Birmingham due to short distance. Other Areas people may get confused with North West are Newtown, Lozells, Hockley & Ladywood due to short distance also but they are in fact classed as Innercity (Central) never the less all those areas mentioned a compact with each other.

Sandwell which is also not part of the city but a borough built up of individual towns, Smethwick, West Bromwich, Oldbury, Rowley Regis & Tipton, is considered the Black Country along with Walsall, Dudley & Wolverhampton. But due to postcode, area code & short distance from the city centre, Smethwick & West Bromwich are practically Birmingham & closer to the City Centre than the majority of area in Birmingham. Smethwick which lies 2 miles from the Centre of Birmingham on the North West Side, was to be a part of the city but left out by one single vote twice due to the crime in the area during the 60s & 90s.
North West Birmingham

North West Of The City

Which side of Birmingham is rougher ? North West.

Where the M6 Meets The M5

Birmingham, Black Country, Solihull,
by OneClickInformation June 22, 2021
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A school full of drama queens, brats, and other problematic people.
Person 1: Omg my school SUCKS

Person 2: Hey, at least your school isn't a north west middle school.

Person 1: Omg I'm soooo sorry! Good luck with that!
by Charli D January 31, 2019
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