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1. A really good movie created in 2019
2. A time when World War 1 was going on
3. 6 years after the M1911 was created
4. America joined WW1
1917 was a weird year
by Veteran Bandit April 13, 2021
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A rightest party whom was against slavery in the south. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican in his presidency. Republicans are usually conservative with some the opposite. Republicans believe in lower taxes, free market capitalism, restrictions on immigration, increased military spending, gun rights, restrictions on abortion, deregulation and restrictions on labor unions. A lot of Republicans are trump supporters and if you don't like trump then you're probably a democrat idk. Most of the definitions on Republican are made by Democrats who despise them so most of them are very biased. Most republicans aren't LGBTQ and are religious, there are some exceptions to this however as some republicans and trump supporters are LGBTQ. Just because your a republication doesn't mean that your a racist, homophobic, white supremacist, nazi, boomer who hates rights and freedom. Yes, there are some idiot republicans and idiot democrats because not everyone thinks the same and some people have to lean to accept that and respect each others political views. Quite ironic how many definitions on republicans are shit talking them lmao. Anyways, if you're a democrat, cool. If your a republican, cool. Respect each others opinions and stop whining ffs.
"Are you a Republican or a Democrat?"
"I'm a republican."
"I'm a democrat and I respect your opinions."
"I respect yours too."
by Veteran Bandit November 5, 2020
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An absolute shitshow where other peoples opinions are spat on and fake news and media spread like wildfire; where bad stereotypes and riots and bullshit about helping the lower class or what not. It's like no one cares about each other here if you just think differently, why can't we all just get along and discuss things in peace without shaming the opposition? When can we stop lying to people about other parties and just let them decide? Anyways don't engage in it or publicly speak about it or else you'll probably get screamed at by a hillbilly or a Karen. Or maybe its just stereotypes and you might get in a peaceful chat with a stranger about each others ideologies? Eh, who am I kidding, this is The United States ffs no one cares about each other but themselves.
American Politics is the definition of cancer and the politicians don't give a shit and just force feed us lies
by Veteran Bandit February 1, 2021
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The first song created by the legendary band Kino.
I've Got Time, But No Money sounds quite nice
by Veteran Bandit April 29, 2021
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A Russian rock band that started back in the late 80s. Mainly focuses on military, folk, mixed in with a little rock. A few of the band members have died since then, pretty crazy huh. The most popular songs are: Kombat (not meaning "combat" more leaning towards "commandant"), Don't fool around America!, Soldat, Давай за (davai za), and Atas.
Putin listens to Lyube
by Veteran Bandit December 1, 2020
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