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A countershutdown used when you are being shutdown, or you are at a loss for words. Commonly used over xbox live. May be used with handsignals when appropriate.
Colin: Jon you suck at call of duty

Jon: Beep Boop.
by Jwoo2 November 30, 2008
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beep boop is a word that can be used in any context and/or form
we were holding hands and I didn't know what to say, so I just said "beep boop"

this conversation is so fucking awkward haha beep boop :/
by BumPears1000 October 08, 2018
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Beepboop: A tall, slender but muscular man who likes to moon people and likes tell people "No," even in situations when he means "Yes". Attractive but extremely stubborn, he is hard to win over even when everyone and everything would be better off if he changed his mind. He is charming and kind when he wants to be, but at times unbearably silly, and he cracks jokes as easily as he breathes, integrating it into his conversation smoothly without missing a beat. He never jokes with malice or with the purpose of offending someone; he only likes to look for the humor in things. Beepboops have invisible buttons on their washboard stomachs, and when you press the invisible buttons they go "Beep! Boop! Beep! Beep! Boop!" and so forth.
Beepboop went to the store and when the cashier said, "Cash or credit?" he said, "No." Beepboop winked and the cashier laughed impulsively.
by bigcatA March 21, 2011
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When one excels at a subject in question; hypothetically, when one does something extraordinary. The term in question is used when something out of the ordinary happens when not expected, and is used when something is good and out of the ordinary. This term is typically used when talking to your boys.

Similar to "diesch", this term is also used as a synonym for sick.

Originated at St. Ambrose University.
"Oh man, check out that goal on FIFA 09... BEEP BOOP!"

"Dude, did you just see that? BEEP BOOP!!!"
by ambrosian_killaz May 06, 2009
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To describe apropriatly a males penis, dick, cock, Johnson, ect... Usually beep boop is said when there are children around or lots of people.
"Ooo damn, he got hit on his beep boop!"
by AlexTheTree January 03, 2014
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a. a popular tip of modern music characterized by electronically made melody and beats

b. the speakers that it beep boops is played on
Ted: "he's making more of the beep boops for his show friday"

Sam: "that new whip is sick! its got spinners and the beep boops!"
by chillymcfeelz May 18, 2017
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