When two cars are both going the same speed in different lanes making it impossible to pass them
Why are we going so slow?

Because these two cars right in front of me are holding hands and it's pissing me off
by Scizorbot3 May 26, 2007
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In video-games, this term is used to describe two or more players who move together rather then going alone. In first person shooter games these people always travel together in hopes of taking out lone targets. In RPG it is used mostly in pvp and pk when two people attack one person to avoid dying.
Bob1337: these people are noobs, they are always holding hands because they dont have no skills.
by Mykill1337 September 28, 2009
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Salley just got done holding hands with Joe in the back of that pick-up truck!

Tommy held hands with Jessie last night.
by bad ass shot February 20, 2005
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Hand holding, when done correctly entails but is not limited to=
Hot, sweaty fun filled sex.
Quinny and Steph like Holding hands, hard.
by DINORAPIST69 July 15, 2014
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Euphemism for masturbation, especially in a semi-secluded public area - for example in a cinema seat.
"That skinny bloke over there is holding hands with sausage under his jacket."
"Dirty git!"
by Uncle Whippity May 7, 2008
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Euphemism for masturbation, especially when done in a secluded public place - for example a cinema seat.
'See that bloke over there? He's got his jacket over his lap, but it looks like he's holding hands with sausage.'
'Dirty git!'
by Uncle Whippity May 8, 2008
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When the man shoves his whole hand up a girls ass and shakes the ovaries like a hand shake.
The press reported this week that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were Holding Hands in an IHOP. Really Bieber...Really?
by Baldoni Bomber January 6, 2011
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