abbreviation on IM/text for "oh, nein"/"oh, no"
"omg i think i just broke a glass D:"

by freothuwebbe September 3, 2009
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09 is basically saying 2009 but a shorter way of doing it
by x_braceface_x June 28, 2020
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noun, verb; a term of endearment used when other, more conventional terms, such as lover, BFF and bestie are temporarily forgotten.
Pike, will you be my '09?"
by PlatyChad May 3, 2011
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when making a =) smiley without holding down the shift key.
09 = =)
by tjodmar June 16, 2004
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a period of time in which the rest of the world actually paid attention to australia because it was hit with massive fires.
sam: how was feb '09??
harry: oh it wasn't that great. the only thing on tv was australian fires.
by Trisha McMillan February 12, 2009
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"Back in the summer of '09, when i was still a teenager, the kids thought it would be cool/original to dye their hair pink to the point where it was cliche."
by notmyrealname. August 6, 2009
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