A grade where everything starts to change.You have just entered middle school, and think you're so cool. Girls have just discovered makeup, but haven't heard of the "natural look." They slap a bottle of foundation on their face, and wear eyeliner that covers their whole eyelid. Guys have discovered that girls don't have cuties. They try to hang out with the popular girls. That. Is. The. Goal. A page of homework feels like the end of you.
Dude: I don't have time to sit down and do homework for 30min!
Dude2: Ikr! I'm going to this awesome party tonight, my mom is letting me stay up late!
Dude: Sixth grade rocks!
by ilp0200 April 1, 2015
when someone dresses like a 12 year old. examples of sixth grade syndrome are nike sneakers, track pants, and a t shirt.
Girls won't settle for guys who have sixth grade syndrome, we like guys who can dress themselves.
Mark looks like a twelve year old today, he must have sixth grade syndrome,
by frat boi September 26, 2017
when boys over the age of 13 only wear under armour sports perfomance t shirts, basket ball tshirts, and knock off yeezys. careful guys, its easy to contract this disease
Susan, you should never date a guy with sixth grade syndrome.
Nicholas Peter, you're 63 years old, stop dressing like your grand son!!!

Sean: "the under armour outlet mall has a huge sale going on! wanna go?"
Ben: "no because im not nerda af, and i dont suffer from sixth grade syndrome"
by frat boi September 27, 2017
A bitchy ass boy who plays sports and dresses like a FHUCKING HIGHLIGHTER AND THINKS CALLING PEOPLE “retarded” and “autistic” is a good roast.
that sixth grade boy that looks like a highlighter just called that girl “autistic”.
by Daboizzz September 8, 2019
That time of the year when early middle school aged kids start to have body odor, but don't yet realize it to the point of getting deodorant.
(8th graders)
"man, i hate February."
"why dude?"
"because its the annual sixth grade stink"
by xx44xx December 27, 2012
When someone of about 15-16 years of age uses his three inches of dissappointment to give an 11 year old the most uninteresting seven minutes of her life.
"dude nascar fucked an 11 year old"
"oh god dude he gave her a sixth grade graduation"
"nah dawg, she's skipped a few grades if you know what i mean"
"yeah and she's a mom too."
by koo koo kachoo motherfucker October 12, 2008