Playing games online is fun.. but if you have children in your game. it turns out to be the "World Rapping Contest"
Little billy was rapping on the mic.
So, i cut out his esophagus.. and hung him with it
by prince pwnage March 15, 2004
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aka the sun cult. A great way to make friends and have fun with your friends playing games online but eventually devolves into a giant nerdy circle jerk.
Little Bobby (Before Xbox Live)- Fresh air is great. I love my family. I love my dog and life.

Litte Bobby (2 Weeks into Xbox Live)- I still love my family. This acne is getting bad. I kind of don't like life. Girls don't go for me.

Little Bobby (1 Month in)- ZOMG! I'm a level 3332423434 prestige on COD 4 and yesterday I jizzed in a master chief helmet with all my buds from Xbox Live. I love nico bellic and worship him as my messiah. I haven't heard a girls voice in years. Life fucks and sucks. What the fuck is grass? Oh yeah, I hate my family and fresh air. Also I had to kill my dog for food because the hot pockets ran out. I shit in a pan because I can't miss a moment of this Left 4 Dead round. "splooges all over collector's copy of Saints Row 2"
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
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Idiots glitching their game to lag everyone and racist homophobic narcissistic punks who can't say two words without calling your mother's sexuality into question.

--Borrowed from Jason_B on Call of Duty 4 beta forum.

Person with "sample" gamertag: xxSN1P3Rxx

-Is 12 years old
-Really good at Halo 2
-Likes: glitching, your mom
-Dislikes: anyone beyond puberty, anyone who kill steals

xxSN1P3Rxx: OMG you n00b, u R teh GAYZoRZ!!!1 YuO took my kill you faggot!

Normal Person: Shut up, homo.

xxSN1P3Rxx: TahT'S wut ur MOM said!!!11!1shift!

Normal Person: Talk to me when your balls drop.
by F. Barbie September 9, 2007
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Great online service, with practically 99% uptime.
Too bad Halo 2 is the only game played on XBL at the time. Also flooded with queerbags who talk smack who are protected behind their TV screen, and who don't have the balls to speak such insults face to face.
xbox live

8 Year Old Boy who Gets his Ass Beat Everyday at School: "You fukn nucka, you suck! I'm going to kill you!"

Me:*hits mute button
by STTDWG February 23, 2007
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A place where you can chat with children, all of whom have slept with your mother the previous night.
xbox live kid: Nigger, I fucked your mom last night, she was gross.

Me: Considering she's been a corpse for a few years now, yeah, I suppose she would be.
by gamerguy May 24, 2013
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A place where there are many old, lonely, horny guys who hit on younger girls and want to "exchange picture" or "do things" in video chat
*In the xbox live dashboard watching a movie*

Random Perv: Hey, wanna video chat or exchange pics?"

Jenna: No thanks Im all good.

Random Perv: please? im so horny =( *sends picture of dick*

Jenna: No really im ok, why not try some whore on uno? *blocks*
by x3Jenna October 22, 2008
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a hive of scum and villainy
by grathom November 23, 2009
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