To flawlessly apply makeup.
Oh, Gurl! She might dress like a truckstop hooker but she knows how to beat a face.

Miss Stoppertunity beat my face before the pageant.
by Tsa Tsa May 2, 2010
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Toronto slang for puttin' a hurtin on that ass, wearin that ass out, a thorough fucking, hittin them skins
"You talkin bout cuttin & hittin skins? -we talkin bout beat that face" -Kardinal Offishall

Oh my god, do you see that honey with the tanline on her shirt and the titjob? I wanna beat that face!
by dreguan February 28, 2010
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The act of wearing a lot of nicely done makeup.

Basically caking your face.
Anna: why are you taking so long to get ready

Vicky: because I have to beat my face
by ViLynn November 21, 2015
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When a Make Up Artist Goes to Work on Someone's Face. Making them go From Plain Jane to Diva

Basically, the term make-up artist uses to say I'm going to put make-up on your face.
Client: My face needs some make-up

MUA: Let me Beat your face
by BuckE December 24, 2012
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Condescending Army term for telling someone to do push-ups.

Its usually used by a higher-ranked person toward a lower-ranked person for punishment. Wouldn't usually be used during PT, you'd tell someone "beat your face" if you caught them red-handed doing something stupid.

Rarely used by officers when dropping a sergeant for push-ups because of its condescending tone, its almost exclusively directed toward lower ranked enlisted when they fuck up.
Platoon Sergeant: What the fuck are you doing walking around outside without your cover (hat/beret) on you dipshit?
Soldier: Uh... uh... no excuse sergeant?

Platoon Sergeant: BEAT YOUR FACE
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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A makeup term, used to say the tiring, repetitive and sometimes painful action of blending foundation or powder products with a beauty blender. Some women and men take this blending process very aggressively and have been known to cause bruises and damage to their face.
Girl: I’m ready for a night out, I just got done beating my face and now I’m ready to go.
by Sin lettuce December 3, 2017
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