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Army term for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol. In slang in the military means = to sneak up on someone.
Soldier 1: "Drunk-ass sarge has passed out again."
Soldier 2: "Dude let's LRRP over there and put some lipstick on him so he looks like a bitch."
by infantryscoming August 06, 2010
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Army term for Long Range Surveillance. In the Army a synonym for bad-ass, also used to mean "sneak up on someone"

There are 2 types: LRS-D and LRS-C.

LRS-D is a unit at the Division headquarters level, LRS-C at the Corps HQ level. LRS-D units can operate 50 kilometers forward of friendly forces, LRS-C 150 kilometers.

There are six major types of LRSU missions. They are surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition, damage assessment, terrain and weather reporting, and collateral activities.
Soldier 1: "After Ranger school got my ass transfered to LRS."
Soldier 2: "That's balls-out insane bitch. Must be nice, I fucking hate you."
by infantryscoming August 06, 2010
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Used in Army Special Forces community as the ficticous name for about 14 or 15 counties of North Carolina.

While going through Special Forces training the final element is a several week long exercise called Robin Sage. It takes place in these counties of N.C. During the exercise you plan and carry out operations as though you're in the imaginary People's Republic of Pineland. The exercise starts with a parachute infiltration of Pineland followed by a series of exercises training "guerillas" operating in the area.

Every once in a while a soldier going through the SF Q course will accidentally interact with a local who doesn't realize their in Pineland. But most of the locals in the community will particiapte in the exercise playing civilians and are aware the Army uses the area they live in for training. A local sherrif once shot a couple soldiers who thought he was part of the exercise after they tried to bribe him with Pineland money.
Soldier 1: how ya doing buddy?

Soldier 2: got my ass through SERE, now its on to the People's Republic of Pineland and I'm done.
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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Army term that refers to:

1. someone who steals other soldiers food in the barracks
2. someone who eats too much, usually equivalent to calling them a fat-ass
Soldier 1: Where'd my fucking bag of beef jerky go?
Soldier 2: Bet Smith got it, he seems like a chowhound
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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Condescending Army term for telling someone to do push-ups.

Its usually used by a higher-ranked person toward a lower-ranked person for punishment. Wouldn't usually be used during PT, you'd tell someone "beat your face" if you caught them red-handed doing something stupid.

Rarely used by officers when dropping a sergeant for push-ups because of its condescending tone, its almost exclusively directed toward lower ranked enlisted when they fuck up.
Platoon Sergeant: What the fuck are you doing walking around outside without your cover (hat/beret) on you dipshit?
Soldier: Uh... uh... no excuse sergeant?

Platoon Sergeant: BEAT YOUR FACE
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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Informal Army doctrine term describing firing a tank main gun round down the center of a road. This type round creates a vortex of air and sucks enemy infantry towards it (and into the road) to be more easily engaged by waiting Bradley Fighting Vehicles, friendly infantry or Abrams co-axial machine gun fire. Named after an Army 1LT Kelo who first utilized the practice in Iraq in 2003.
Soldier #1: "Heard the boys over in 2-7 Infantry got so super pissed off finally they did a Kelo clearing on Sadr City."

Soldier #2: "What a freakin' rage kill, that's awesome. Sometimes you gotta drop a lightning bolt of carnage ... screw that ducking behind buildings taking pot shots man."
by infantryscoming August 06, 2010
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Term in the military for the guy at home fucking your wife / girlfriend while you're deployed. Can also mean a broke dick soldier unfit for deployment who stays back and fucks your wife while you're away.

Because Jody is referred to in marching & running candences it's also slang for a candence, which are sometimes called "Jody Calls". That use would be used in plural like "sing us some jodys". The point of Jody in cadences is to compare how hard the soldier's life is vs. how easy Jody has it.

Sometimes also mispelled Jodie.
You had a good home but you left / You're right
You had a good home but you left / You're right
Jody was there when you left / You're right
Your baby was there when you left / You're right
Sound off! / 1,2
Sound off! / 3,4
Cadence count! / 1,2,3,4,1,2...3,4!
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
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