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Similar to a handjob, but uses the "cleavage", the space between the breasts, instead of using one's hands.
"In this porno, Briana Banks performs a titjob on that guy."
by Pamalamadingdong September 17, 2006
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To place a penis between a pair of breast and the woman moves her own breasts, typically with her hands, in a back and fourth motion to stimulate the penis. Similar to a titty fuck, only the woman is doing the work.
male 1> I really want to titty fuck Felica's giant boobs.
male 2> I'm lazy, I'd rather she just gave me a tit job.
by SJB-JD April 16, 2007
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When you place your penis in between a womans breasts and act like your fucking them. Usually they are oiled, soapy, etc.
Dude, look at them knockers, I wouldn't mind a tit job from her!!
by Tit_fuck June 17, 2006
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An action when men put his dick between big boobs .And the woman squeeze the boobs and move the big tits up and down stimulating the cock until the man is orgasm and cum between the big tits or giving facial cum
(best for the big natural boobs to easily engulf the big cock)
men : "i will put my dick between your

big boobs and start the titjob


women : *moving the big boobs up and

down stimulating the cock like

a pornstar*

men : "ohhhhh yeeeaaaahhhh faster

faster .......ohhhh ssssss

ahhhhhaaahhhh im about to

cum baby.....prepare your boobs.

women : * moving her boobs up and

down faster while making fake


woman : "oh like

like faster titjob....sssss aahhhh

oohhhh yeaaah fuck my bigtits

hard ...i love it

men: "aaahhhhh i gonna cum....

ssssss ahhhhh ahhhhh ahahhh

ahh i love it baby tq
women: ahhhh ahhhhh ah ah what a lot of cum tq i love it ....alright now eat my pussy while your harden back we will have a short titjob and fuck my pussy hard and cum in me.

men : sure i will do it
women :ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh eat more lick it put your dick in it im wet now
men: another titjob?
women: Fine!
men: yes lay down and i will fuck your tits first then your pussy

woman: anything for you baby do it

The End
lazy to type anymore
via giphy
by the titjob lover guy December 26, 2017
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A Tit Job is a good paying job that requires minimal skill and does not require any skills of expertise.
Feeling aTit requires little effort, but the reward is high. Thus, the word having a Tit Job is one of most ideal jobs one can have.
Hey Danny are you still working over at ABC company making sure people put money in the same slot all day long?
"Yup" . Man, you have such a Tit Job and you make $2000.00 a week. You have it made. I wish I could find a Tit Job like yours.
by Sakldoodles June 02, 2018
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When a man places his penis between a woman’s beasts and the woman proceeds to rap her breasts around the man’s penis and begins to lick the tip of his penis.
Bob got a titjob from that hot black chick from down the street.
by Friar cuck September 28, 2018
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