A rural Pennsylvania term meaning something, someone or some situation that is lame, bogus, or otherwise unpleaseant to deal or cope with.
1) I took five final exams scheduled over just two days. Man, that's just hurtin!

2) As far a Presidents of the United States go, George W. Bush (aka Ass Bush) is just hurtin.

3) Dude! Your POS 1989 Ford Fiesta is hurtin!
by Tenacious Faulker September 19, 2009
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Someone or something that is in need of improvement.
Tanya is hurtin and so is her truck.
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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hurtin is a form of the word ugly.
"yo did you see that chick just walk by?"

"Yea she was mad hurtin."
by Jaboc October 26, 2007
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to be in dire need of something
"and he was hurtin, so I helped him out a little."
by timothius February 7, 2007
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example 1: vania always talks about killing herself for ppl 2 feel bad for her.

example 2: shorty is always starting problems with her boyfriend so she can get ppl to feel bad for her.

example 3:ppl who never do anything with ther boyfriends n act as if they have sex all the time on internet sites are hurtin
by sucks2bemouse September 3, 2006
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To do something extremely well
"She was hurtin the dance"
by Uzo June 12, 2005
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It means to want or miss something.
"I'm hurting for some mary jane right now."
"Yeah, I could go for some of that jizznat too."
by GV May 5, 2005
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