Type of french hat, commonly worn by military forces world wide.
The maroon berets of the airborne.
by Gilcrest March 9, 2004
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what is that thing on his head? why,
it is a beret, monsieur.
by angeroy January 8, 2003
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person who claims in internet chatrooms to have served in the Armed Forces, before showing a demonstrably bad understanding of the military.see fontline combatant

can also be used as a derogatory term to one who uses threats of violence in internet chatrooms, or to one who wholeheartedly supports ANY war THEY don't have to fight in..
chatter1: "we should just invade Iran next..."
chatter2:"and where abouts in Iraq are YOU typing from, Screen Beret ??? Manchester ???"
by BogUk January 19, 2008
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The act of having someone call you out for something or other whilst unrelatedly having put a lot of effort into your outfit/makeup/hair that day and feeling double the shame because of it.
Person 1: Oh, you look cute today!
Person 2: Yeah, but I came in late to class and my professor called me out for it, so I felt like I got roasted in a beret.
by themothman1966 March 25, 2019
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On the news, they are commonly referred to as "U.S. Army special forces", which is what they are. Green Berets are highly skilled operators, trainers, and teachers. Area-oriented, these soldiers are specially trained in their area's native language and culture. They train to perform five doctrinal missions: Foreign Internal Defense (FID), Unconventional Warfare (UW), Special Reconnaissance (SR), Direct Action (DA) and Combating Terrorism (CBT). They infiltrate and exfiltrate specified operational areas by sea, air, and land.
Green Berets, with the help of local militas, are chasing down drug lords in Columbia.
by Jason Chalupa July 9, 2004
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