An elaborate public dramatic presentation that usually depicts a historical or traditional event.
Peter: "For Xerxes, every meal is a pageant."
by Andresthejeff February 6, 2014
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A Pageants is a humble caring gay person. One day I met Pageants and he was really cool! Then I joined a voice call with him and damn did I know he was going to be my gay best friend. I do have some concerns not about his sexuality but about his work hours! He works on the weekends and does not give any time to his gay bffs over on minecraft like LordHeroMc and Dresscodes. I really do miss Pageants he was so gay, and funny, but most importantly gay! Pageants is the one person that just makes you want to be gay for gays because he is just a great outstanding person, he changed my whole outlook on life. To sum it up a Pageants is gay and thats on PRRIODT.
Damn Pageants is really gay
by MinecraftGod1234 March 9, 2020
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Pure evil, in textbook format. Over 1000 pages long it's suppossed to prepare you for the AP, while at the same time crippling you from all the carrying and making you blind. American History.
Student 1: yo bro! Wazzup with the deranged look?
Student 2: you know how it is, I had to spend all of yesterday night with The American Pageant.
Student 1: rofl sounds like you had fun.
Student 2: *shoots*
by Lokizzo September 23, 2005
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Woman in her mid forties who pushes her young child to be in pageants to live vicariously through that child. Delirious to how a normal child should be raised and a complete dumb bitch. Notorious for harboring the future strippers of America.
That Pageant mom is the reason my tanning store is still in business.
by Justice S. Erved February 7, 2010
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An answer to a question that sounds like something you'd hear at a beauty pageant.
Do you like cats?

I love all the animals of the world.

What a pageant answer...
by MaskedSinger November 4, 2010
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the cause of having no socail life---the worst book you will ever find.
Person 1: Did you go to the best party ever last night. I don't think there will ever be a party this good again!!!

Person 2: No, I had to spend the entire night reading The American Pageant for my 3 chapter test tomorrow!
by Elana F September 24, 2006
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A group of crackheads assembled for whatever reason or purpose.
If you walk by the soup kitchen around noon, you can see the crack pageant go around the entire block.
by crackpageant July 24, 2010
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