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Have you seen Yasmine Bleeth running down the beach in slow motion?
by L.J. July 11, 2003
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Baywatch. Or Babewatch was a TV show that aired in the 90's featuring hot bikini babe lifesavers, few cool dudes and one old fart with a hairy chest. Yeah we all remember Baywatch...hmm let me think.

Pammy Anderson running along the beach with her manchesters' jiggling...sproing!
Gena Lee Nolin running around with a red cossie up her crack....sproingy sproing!
Donna D'Errico, running, then bending, then ooh fuuuck...Sproingg!!

David Tossel-off....sitting around like a big ol' greasy fucking lump, doing sweet fuck all.

>>> go to fridge. Get Beer. Wait for the girls to come back on.

It was the show any bloke could rely on day after day, week after week after fucking week. Just like Hey Hey Its Saturday.
Hey mate you watching Baywatch tonight?
Yeah bro, hope to see Pamela Anderson flaunt her hot body in that red one piece.
Nah man, I'll be at the beach. Sucking lifesavers has helped me quit smoking.
by de-pube August 20, 2014
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An obscure local sporting identity who has the ability to run in slow-motion, mimicking the actions of that famous TV show.
Yo, dude, check out the baywatch chasing that ball down the wing.
by Ugmo April 28, 2005
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