to creep in the past tense.

Not actually creeping up (ie) behind someone, but could also be depending on the given situation.

To know enough about a person that you don't actually know (ie where this person works). Creeping would consist of using that small bit of knowledge you have about said person and going on the popular website called facebook and attempting to look them up.

Amy: You know that guy we saw today at lavish&squalor?

Katie: Yeah he was super-cute!

Amy: You know right? I just totally went on facebook and looked up the Lovin' Lavish&Squalor group, found a picture of the guy (which was tagged) and creeped his profile. He's super sexy!
by mclovinzz September 24, 2008
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adj. - to be sexually pursued by a creeper (usually an older perverted man); seduced by a creeper.
Watch out for that creeper, you might get creeped.
by lesooniantor@yahoo.com April 25, 2006
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Noun; a mixture of 'creep' and 'pedo', used to describe stalkers, people who you catch staring at you, and males with pedo-staches. Frequently confused with the the past tense verb, creeped.
Do you see that guy watching us look at clothes? He's such a cree-ped!
by bluelamp May 19, 2011
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