of or relating to a chemical composition which is alkali: with a pH above neutral.
calcium carbonate must be added to the soil to increase it's alkalinity.
by schorts April 26, 2004
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An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action.


Transparent motives.
Pat was trying to fuck that drunk girl - so basic.

Shelby was showing off her tits for attention - fucking basic.
by Keyser October 30, 2006
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Something that is uninteresting, vapid, boring, or uncool.

A waste of time, energy, or money. The opposite of fun, intrigue, and justice.
That is so basic.

Basic Cable vs. Premium Cable

Don't come this party is basic.
by LynnG June 16, 2010
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an individual who dresses, acts and behaves similarly to how others typically do
ex. yous basic
by raesremmurdddddd January 18, 2015
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having the properties of a base, or containing a base; having a pH greater than 7

Person 1: O M G that girl over there is SO basic

Person 2: She has a pH higher than 7?

Person 1: No I mean she like thinks she's SO "cool" and "trendy" an-

Person 2: Have you ever learnt chemistry? Probably not since you're using it to mean that shit. I bet people like you'll fucking make "alkaline" an insult next. Or maybe make it into a compliment since it's the opposite of basic?
by sciencelmao January 20, 2017
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The first easy-to-use programming language made in the 1960s when Microcomputers made their debut. A very easy language to grasp. The language practically paths out commands for a computer to do. It is very capable of performing mathematics which are the main basis for Microprocessing.
Print "Hello world!"
goto start
"Result - "Hello world" being typed on the screen in an infinite loop"
by Mike Gowland July 29, 2004
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