having the properties of a base, or containing a base; having a pH greater than 7

Person 1: O M G that girl over there is SO basic

Person 2: She has a pH higher than 7?

Person 1: No I mean she like thinks she's SO "cool" and "trendy" an-

Person 2: Have you ever learnt chemistry? Probably not since you're using it to mean that shit. I bet people like you'll fucking make "alkaline" an insult next. Or maybe make it into a compliment since it's the opposite of basic?
by sciencelmao January 20, 2017
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One of the most well-known 3rd generation programming languages. It's easy to use!
10 Print "Enter the first number."
20 Input N1
30 Print "Enter the second number."
40 Input N2
50 Print N1; "+"; N2; "="; N1+N2
60 End
by Fizzard the Fly January 07, 2005
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1. A person who does not relate to or understand the experiences/realizations that one might have while under the influence of LSD, which is also known as acid.

2. One not currently under the influence of LSD.
I was just on the front patio looking up at my big orange house, feeling my chest with my shirt off, when these basic couch surfers come out the front door and look at me like I'm a freak or something.
by antoniothomasbee May 23, 2015
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of, pertaining to, or forming a base; fundamental: a basic principle; essential: a key necessity.


see also: the root of all evil.
"swaggin" ego: See these stacks? I sleep on a bed of money every night. You swaggin' like this? NO. CUZ YOU BASIC

humbler ego: *laughs*...YA CASH be "basic". I wiped my ASS with that benjamin last night... Who don't use it? That's my point
by tellmeyoudontagree September 23, 2011
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A person that follows the crowd and copies other people who are more well known/ popular than them. A sheep.
Someone who searches their own name on Urban Dictionary

β€œShe’s so basic, doing what everyone else does”
by Hey shishters! July 29, 2018
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"I once made soap so basic it would've burned the skin off of the hands of anyone who'd dare use it."
by Druff, Dan September 22, 2017
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