* a simple programming language.

B(eginner's) A(ll-purpose) S(ymbolic) I(nstruction) C(ode).

* One who once was proficient with the arts of sexual healing.
* Also one who is labeled a "weenie".
* Commonly associated by team member Beecicchi.
Hey, it's Basic!
That is so Basic of him.
Don't be like Basic now.
by Basic Beecicchi March 4, 2003
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To describe an action or activity of simplicity, ease and without complication in the past, yet experiences difficulty nonetheless now. To express frustration for when there was no excuse for failure or delay.
I don't see how the waitress screwed-up the drink orders. It's BASIC!
by SnobbyLinguist January 4, 2011
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What a basic bish, her name is probs jami
by JamiIsBasic January 5, 2014
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These are the type of guys who do the same routine throughout their life and never change. These are also the guys who happen to fall in love with their best friends side chick or former side chick. These are the ones who try to turn a Hoe into a Housewife without playing scrabble.
Bryant: Hey Kenneth, why did you leave the party last night?

Kenneth: I left with the girl that live on the 3rd floor.

Me: You know she got smashed by 4 people in the same night.

Kenneth: Yea but she's nice. I think she's the one.

Bryant: Why you gotta be such a Basic Nigga?
by Black redneck22 July 25, 2014
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Basic: A card drinking game that was made up of a group of guys near Langdon Iowa.

1. Ace is always the high card!!!!!
2. Rule number one is the only set rule!!!!

How to play.
1. Pass one card face down to every person playing.

2. No one should look at there cards tell the dealer has made a one time rule.

3. Dealer makes a rule. (any rule from any game) ex #1. the person with the lowest card drinks 2x the amount of the person with the highest card. ex #2. Person to the right of you drinks the amount on your card. Now the rules apply to everyone playing. NOT JUST THE DEALER.

4. After everyone has drank, Dealer: Pass the deck of card to the next person.

5. Repeat the 1-4.

Rules like the thumb rule or the moose rule will apply through the whole game.
Person made rules only apply till till the dealer passes the cards.
Remember that the cards are not to be looked at till the dealer makes the rule.


Were all going to Langdon to play Basic.
by Adan Hoogeterp February 11, 2007
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Someone who likes someone that most people like. that person may go by a alias or something like that but in the end of you like them. You are BASIC. THIS IS NOT GOOD. To cleanse yourself bathe in pictures of someone else ( a male for the better) and wait. Do this every day for 1 month ( don't shower or take a bath during this ritual) and then see yourself cleansed. You can now go to heaven.
Lukas is so basic, like why am I friends with him? He likes KIM and he won't admit it!
by Qwetyv July 12, 2019
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Somebody who is obsessed with Harry Potter and thinks draco Malfoy is attractive. They stan Harry styles and make shitty TikTok dances all the time, thinking that it’s a personality trait. They also wear mom jeans thinking that they’re “alt” for wearing them.
“Omg Karen is really making another TikTok dance again? And they’ve been bringing up Harry styles and draco malfoy nonstop?”
“Yeah, she’s so basic
by staypressedbitch October 23, 2020
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