having the properties of a base, or containing a base; having a pH greater than 7

Person 1: O M G that girl over there is SO basic

Person 2: She has a pH higher than 7?

Person 1: No I mean she like thinks she's SO "cool" and "trendy" an-

Person 2: Have you ever learnt chemistry? Probably not since you're using it to mean that shit. I bet people like you'll fucking make "alkaline" an insult next. Or maybe make it into a compliment since it's the opposite of basic?
by sciencelmao January 20, 2017
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A word used to describe a proper noun, weather its a person place or thing. Something or some one who lacks any flare of individuality, lacks creativity, something or some one who goes with the fads. Something or some one lacking any amount of substance.
They are not worthy of my friendship for they are hollow, basic even.

Person a: (Abruptly interups a conversation) Why are you wearing that hat?
Person b: Why are you wearing those earings?
Person a: Because I like them.
Person b: Hmmm... Interesting. (Continues conversation from before)
Person a: You never answered me.
Person b: (looks to person a in a irritated fashion because they are dealing something a little bit more important than such an arbitrary question) You are obviously to basic to understand.
Person a walks away confused.

Person a: You want to go shop at pink with me?
Person b: Don't you think that's a little basic?
by Magnificent Pagan Beast May 11, 2016
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Term used to discribe a female that is not unique and follows the crowed. Originated on August 28, 1991.
Rigo: B-dubbs is so basic bro.
Gerson: I know fool, basic ass bitch.
by feaw May 29, 2014
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A way to describe a basic white girl.
SOmeone who drinks starbucks everyday
Wears northfaces
Has a lot of white friends
Only talks to other white people
Gets half their money from their parents
1. Omar Okla is so basic, he is always drinking Starbucks
2. Did you see Selena Gomez yesterday, she was totally pretending to be drunk.
by SwagKiller254 December 31, 2013
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A term given to girl or guy that jumps on every bandwagon for the admiration of others
Person 1: Omg you know that girl Kathy with all the vineyard vine stickers on her water bottle?

Person 2: Yea I know her, she's so fucking basic
by Quack of moley November 30, 2016
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Basic is a word to describe something which isn't special and has no unique qualities. Being basic means you are never the centre of attention and are always in the background. Your just there
Eg: apostolos is so basic- he has no talent and is useless
by Blobby August 26, 2016
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A girl who wears brand named clothes and watches 100 best vines of 2015 videos all days. She is just very mainstream and uncreative. The only word you think to describe her is "basic".
Guy 1: Lol Puja is wearing her white Nike golf hat, pink Nike shoes, and white girl clothes again.
Guy 2: hahaha Puja is such a basic bitch
by thelechend January 24, 2016
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