Taking interest in something just to fit in with the crowd.
Walker started watching Hockey because the Bruins where in the playoffs and everyone else was watching it. Walker is a major bandwagon.
by d12fan June 11, 2011
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When someone adopts a popular point of view for the primary purpose of recognition and/or acceptance by others.
Man, Nanlawon has been posting on our forums forever and everyone hates him. Then this new chick, Toolesbabe, joins the forum and just hops on the bandwagon ripping on him, even though she'd never even read a single post by him. WTF?!
by Vaun December 17, 2003
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Suddenly giving a damn when a team gets good.
The dodgers suddenly look like a decent team, and Brooks jumped right on the bandwagon.
by Stephen Metrulas April 21, 2005
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when a person likes a trend, or sports team, just because it is getting more popular.
Mike: 12 months ago: dang son the hawks freakin suck.
Mike: 12 minutes ago: how bout them hawks?
by SnookTheBe(a)sT December 14, 2008
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What people will "ride" or get on when they want to be accepted, espescially in the NFL. People will get on the (Colts) bandwagon and suddenly become their fans because they are doing really good or because they have a large number of fans so they can be accepted.

People will ride a bandwagon even if they dont give a shit about football or whatever the bandwagon is.
This kid at my school wears a Cincinnati Bengals shirt to school when he is a Denver fan.

Girls who don't care about football chant: who dey! who dey! who dey! who dey!
by Slash of Guns N Roses January 8, 2006
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the act of dogmatically following a particular point of view or repeatedly responding in a particular way because it is fashionable, despite its logical merit.
There they go jumping on the anti-immigrant bandwagon.
by infi January 23, 2006
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for someone to suddenly "loves" a certain band, and only knowing little songs if not no songs. like all the people who suddenly started liking fall out boy because sugar were going down came out.
"oh my i love fall out boy"
"what songs do you know?"
"oh um sugar were going down,
its my favorite. theyre the
best band ever!"
by the kels August 23, 2005
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