Someone who is boring, bland or uninteresting.
Bailey: Will your so basic, like omg.
Will: No your the basic one.
Bailey: Omg i know.
by ShaniquaRamone September 10, 2013
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Noun referring to "basic bitches." Basic's are the typical girl that thinks they are cool because they're artsy, can make a duck face, carry around coffee cups, and where designer brands. You'll know a basic when you see one.
1: "dude checkout those girls, they're all wearing the same designer outit and they're walking around with empty coffee cups and taking selfie.

2: yeah they're basic's

1: werd.
by BasicsTheseDays September 04, 2013
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The disease that makes people ratchet as fuck. This includes symptoms such as an unusually strong affection to pumpkin spice (specifically Starbucks), a longing to wear Uggs and/or LuLu Leggings, and continuously saying "I literally can't even." Behavioral problems include making fun of people who have an iPhone 6 or under, considering themselves to be fat after eating more than one potato chip, and clapping every syllable when trying (a failing) to not make a dumb ass point.
I literally can't even with this definition of basic because I'm a spoiled brat who doesn't give a shit about others feelings.
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Often used to describe someone daft and simple. Can also be used to allude to sexual incompetence. As well, somebody who is not discerning when it comes to choosing sexual partners.
'You didn't understand any of that? You're basic!'

'What do you mean he didn't make you cum? He's basic!'

'Don't date THAT dude, he's basic!'
by Charina August 28, 2005
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Someone without individuality. Lacks swag, and uniqueness.
Me: I mean..she's sexy as fuck
My friend: yea man, she's sexy but anahita is just so basic, it's like her mom shops for her clothes
by 07-22-1993 July 17, 2014
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Word denoting an obvious truth or agreement.
Person 1 (snow currently falling) : I think it's snowing
Person 2: well, basics!

Person 1: I hear you need a ride, want to hop in with me?
Person 2: Basically, basics!
by Mike Kim June 07, 2006
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The most fundamental of principals. Should have been Newton's first law. Most commonly used in the sentence "These are basics".
When cab driver is late picking you up, a natural reaction is "These are fuc*ing basics!!" and then pass out in the back
by jimmycoch July 10, 2013
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