Likened to children, a 'basic' is a term used to describe someone with attributes of idiocy, foolishness and child-like behaviour. A 'basic' commonly has little to no intelligence, and struggles to break social barriers. A 'basic' often reverts to exaggeration and deceit to over come these social barriers and gain a mild sense of acceptance within his/her friendship circles.
Mr Jones: 'I love my barbie doll she so poe'

Mrs Smith: ' You are ridiculous, obscene and basic'

Mr Jones jnr: 'Daddy I want a car and I want it now!'
Mr Jones snr: 'Shut up you spoilt child, I hate your basic demands'
by the pogo demons September 2, 2010
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A term used by people who are usually quite basic themselves.
She's so basic she just ordered a bud light! I'll have a chocolate stout that I don't really even like because I'm so afraid someone might see me and call me basic.
by Beelzababa January 31, 2019
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Basic is a word to describe something which isn't special and has no unique qualities. Being basic means you are never the centre of attention and are always in the background. Your just there
Eg: apostolos is so basic- he has no talent and is useless
by Blobby August 26, 2016
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Often used to describe someone daft and simple. Can also be used to allude to sexual incompetence. As well, somebody who is not discerning when it comes to choosing sexual partners.
'You didn't understand any of that? You're basic!'

'What do you mean he didn't make you cum? He's basic!'

'Don't date THAT dude, he's basic!'
by Charina August 29, 2005
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A person (usually a female) appearing as they are expected to be. Usually following the typical stereotypes.
She is wearing ugs and is at Starbucks, what a basic Bitch.
by Dohboy March 10, 2015
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Hey. You see that Josh guy? He is so basic.
by TMoney$$$ October 16, 2017
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Term used to discribe a female that is not unique and follows the crowed. Originated on August 28, 1991.
Rigo: B-dubbs is so basic bro.
Gerson: I know fool, basic ass bitch.
by feaw May 29, 2014
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