a cheap alcoholic bevarage good for getting drunk. So light you can't taste it after the first one. Very popular at parties!
John: Pass me a bud light!
Jill: How many you had?
Johm: Twelve, but drunk even not i'm!
by CRUNKone July 22, 2006
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The urine collected from a horse that has drank Budweiser. It is then watered down to a weak alcoholic bevarage for momos.
"Hey Bro want a Bud Light."
"Nah I'm not a momo."
by joey diaz January 26, 2013
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Foamy water with a small amount of alcohol added. Anything you might taste while drinking is purely imaginary.
The unfortunate party guests ran out of real beer, and were forced to drink bud light the rest of night.
by Guitarbob December 12, 2008
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Pure Piss in a bottle. Popular at high school parties simply because its cheap and available in bulk. However, there is actually a good side to this alcohol-injected urine. They make some of the funniest damn commercials around.
John: *Grabs last bud light*
Sarah: Hey John, wanna get me a bud light?
John: Um....sure, one sec. *Chugs Bud light*
John: *Pisses in bottle*
Sarah: Thanks! Mmmmm...Crisp!
by pacman11 January 20, 2008
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