To be fucked in the anus by a nigger named Barnard. Pretty nice fellow if I do say so myself.
Guy 1: Yo my ass is so sore, I got fuckin barnarded last night!
by Lil Oof Dick May 23, 2019
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Barnard College is a school affiliated with Columbia University. It is a girls-only, artsy school in New York City.

Someone who goes to Barnard will graduate with a degree from Columbia University.

The school is noted for its political science department.
MA2: Didn't you go to Columbia University?

MA3: Technically, I went to Barnard. But I have a degree from Columbia.
by macubed58 November 23, 2009
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contrary to popular opinion, the gayest of the seven sisters consortium-- many budding lesbians and women queers to be found
"oh, barnard? that's the gay columbia"
by lesbicaana March 8, 2018
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the growing up of a male boy without an actual father figure, someone that had to teach themselves the lessons in life and as such missed a couple things.
Dude1: you dont know how to set a hook??

Dude2: No man, how do you set a hook?

Dude1: You gotta tug a little when you see a nibble.

Dude2: Oh, sorry, im such a barnard.
by Beaver81 July 13, 2008
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Market town near Durham, thought by some to be one of the first locations of yarndling in the north of England. Scrimming basins have been discovered from the air, dating back to Paleolithic times.
Have you seen the fascinating exhibition of yarndling stools at Barnard Castle?
by Cod Michael May 28, 2020
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"Cameron has to go for a Barnard Castle later today as he might need glasses."
by W_M_D May 27, 2020
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