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the seven... are a group of girls... who are generally nice and considerd hot to the guys.... some of them are really ditsy.... and they all get into fights ALOT.. and the whole grade finds out because they like ignore eachother and are mean...and then they go and tell their other riends.... they are like best friends and they exclude people... ( or it seems) from their group.. like three of them are actually really coool.. thats it....oh. and people try to be friends with them and ditch their friends to do it.. which is totaly stupid... but whateva
girl 1: i heard the seven are in a fight
girl 2: yeah they are dissing eachother right and left
girl 1: maybe since they are in a fight its a way to ditch all my friends and be nice...
guy: maybe i should go comfort one of them....
by hguguigiu555 March 13, 2005
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A group of very nice smart and funny girls. They love eachother... Or most of them do anyways and NEVER talk rude behind eachothers backs (again, most of them). They don't TRY to exclude people but are just extremely close. They love doing things with eachother and are great people.
Wow! The girl in the seven who's name starts with and A is so cool! Actually? All of The Seven is cool. "ALL" of them
by A1/7 April 01, 2010
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A group of business leaders within the same company or department that form a secret union to gain financial leverage and power over an entire business. A modern form of internal mafia that puts a tight protective chokehold on their positions and influence.
Our budget is under attack out of nowhere, and I’m positive the seven are behind it.

This is 100% a move by the seven. They are trying to shape the narrative against our leaders to protect their own pay.

We don’t trust the seven to do what’s best for the business.

The seven are an important check and balance for the corporate leadership.
by splashmaverick March 10, 2018
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