the seven... are a group of girls... who are generally nice and considerd hot to the guys.... some of them are really ditsy.... and they all get into fights ALOT.. and the whole grade finds out because they like ignore eachother and are mean...and then they go and tell their other riends.... they are like best friends and they exclude people... ( or it seems) from their group.. like three of them are actually really coool.. thats it....oh. and people try to be friends with them and ditch their friends to do it.. which is totaly stupid... but whateva
girl 1: i heard the seven are in a fight
girl 2: yeah they are dissing eachother right and left
girl 1: maybe since they are in a fight its a way to ditch all my friends and be nice...
guy: maybe i should go comfort one of them....
by hguguigiu555 March 14, 2005
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A cocktail consisting of Seagram 7 whisky and 7-UP plus ice.
Hi, can I get a Seven and Seven?
by Rev. Lovejoy February 13, 2005
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Means to delete something, like the option in your voicemail.
Ugh, i made a typo. I'll just seven that.
by coolbn August 13, 2007
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When someone just completed some work with perfection
God sevened the world.

Rainbow is sevened
by pseudologic May 30, 2019
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Seven is your perfect mix of bitter and sweet wrapped into one. He is tempermental at times but only cause he wants to be heard. He fears being left but only cause he would never leave anyone. He would do anything for you and love you regardless of what you do to him. He is very conceited even though no other looks at him as he looks at himself. He just wants to spend time with the ones he loves and will always have time for you. He will get walked over and never notice because he sees the good in people. He works hard so he can play harder. Sometimes he is everything you do and don't want.
Seven is your best friends, strongest lover and sometimes your unintentional placemat
by Hardlifehardfight October 24, 2016
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Seven is everything and nothing all at the same time. In fact, Seven is time. Seven should always be capitalized and spoken about in a positive manner. Seven is the only number, all of the other numbers are just figments of your imagination.

And guess what? Seven is imagination.
Karah: Why is six afraid of Seven?

Jacob: Because everything is afraid of Seven.


Brock: Want to know the most awesome equation in the world?

Jacob: Okay.

Brock: (7*7+7*7)/(7+7)=7

Jacob: My mind literally just exploded due to the massive amount of godliness that you just bestowed upon the universe.
by Seven7seven7SEVEN November 4, 2010
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A number used to answer stupid questions.
Son: "Dad how long until we get to the camping grounds" Dad: "Seven"
by BigSexyMex January 12, 2021
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