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an acronym for the upper east side of Manhattan. The UES refers to 57th through 96th streets, east of 5th avenue. The avenues on the UES are: Madison, Park, Lexington, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, York, and East End.

The teenagers of the UES have a reputation for being very posh, stuck up, and wealthy. There are many infamous private schools on the UES, including Brearley, Chapin, Dalton, Spence, and Marymount. Brearley and Chapin have a huge rivalry. However, contrary to popular belief, the school called Constance-Billard, from the Gossip Girl series, was invented for the series, and does not exist in the real world.
girl 1: where do you go to school?

girl 2: I go to The Brearley School, on the UES.
by macubed58 November 23, 2009
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Barnard College is a school affiliated with Columbia University. It is a girls-only, artsy school in New York City.

Someone who goes to Barnard will graduate with a degree from Columbia University.

The school is noted for its political science department.
MA2: Didn't you go to Columbia University?

MA3: Technically, I went to Barnard. But I have a degree from Columbia.
by macubed58 November 23, 2009
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A compound word containing stalker and paparazzi that is used to mean someone who is a stalker, but who also specifically uses pictures to do much of the stalking. Such a person often puts these pictures up on social networking sites such as facebook. The stalker referred to is often a friend of the stalkee.

For example, someone who sees their friends walking down the other side of the street coming back from the grocery store, and takes a paparazzi-esque picture without saying hello to the friends. This person then will often put the picture on facebook and tag their friends.
eg. MA3: did you see that picture that MA1 put on facebook? it's of kelz and lilz walking down the street.. they didn't know she was taking the picture! it is SUCH a stalkerazzi shot!!

MA2: Ohmygosh i know!! did you see the one she posted of all their phone numbers??
by macubed58 November 22, 2009
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