something that i don’t have !
someone: my dad is the best father figure !

me: i don’t have a father figure in my life , nor do i have milk in my fridge.
by kk :)) August 12, 2022
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An older male with whom you associate as your adopted father. Teenage girls tend to have many father figures in their lives if they are lacking a father or have an issue with their own, actual father.

This also commonly leads to infatuation with older men who are father figures, be it theirs or in general.
Friend 1: Oh, I never had a decent father...
Friend 2: You have father issues?
Friend 1: Yeah. It means I now have a father figure...
by XrayCrystallography August 28, 2011
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A person that has no father in their life due to ridiculous actions decided by the son or daughter. or rather the father left due to his own decisions in the family. making him no longer the child's owner.
Son: "Hey dad, I got something to tell you."
Father: "Go ahead son, I'll be glad to hear what you'll say."
Son: "I am apart of the LGBTQ community, twitter user, and a Dream Stan!"
*The father soon leaves, without a goodbye to the son, but leaves an excuse instead, making the son have no father figure.
by EEFUS EEF January 30, 2022
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If your looking up the definition for a father figure, most likely you dont have one
Nick: Bro everytime I come over here I never see your dad, where is he?
Rob: Hmm.. What?
Nick: Where is the nigga that nutted in your mom to create you aka your Father Figure?
Rob: Oh, he's just at work
Nick: Thats what you said the last 8 times I came over here
Rob: He's coming back i just dont know when
Nick: He's been gone for 15 years
Rob: HES COMING BACK *cries*
by Avatar Relief September 16, 2020
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A non-existent, popular character who is rarely to be seen.
Twitter users say they are real, but for most of the part, no tik-tok user has seen this man.
Last time seen: getting out of house to buy a milk jug.
Gigachad: My dad is cool.
Virgin: YOu mEAn YOur Non EXIstenT FathER FiGUre? huhuhuhuhuhuhuhhhuhh. huh uhuh huhuh.

Person 1. I don't have a father figure.
Person 2. Me neither, Person 1.
by November 16, 2022
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