When they put a slow guy on you in basketball. It is so easy to blow by him that you could eat a plate of BBQ chicken before he catches up. This term was popularized by Shaq.
"Who is guarding me???" -me
"The big guy" -teammate
"Barbecue CHICKEN"
by Food Masta January 4, 2017
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Boy: *Standing Underneath Hoop*
Shaq: *Pulls it down onto him, likely killing him*
Shaq: *In a really deep voice* "Barbecue Chicken"
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When something will be extremely easy
Person 1: Bro are you ready for the test tomorrow

Person 2: Yea that shit gonna be barbecue chicken
by noobfornow June 1, 2021
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When someone gets roasted really badly!
Friend 1: Hey man, how was the party?
Friend 2: It was fine, but when someone tried to insult me, I barbecue chicken toasted them!
by IHateDespacito4 April 21, 2019
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When you pour Barbecue sauce inside a girls vagina that tastes like chicken then proceed to lick it out of her.
Dude my girlfriend and I had an awesome chicken barbecue last night!
by TSliz September 27, 2011
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