You meet a Shaquille and you HAVE to keep him. Yes he may be tall and intimidating at first but he has the heart of gold and will reluctantly give you hugs whenever you want it. He's funny ASF and will always be excited to game with you. He's the best boyfriend you could ask for so DO NOT miss the chance to be with a Shaquille.
Girl1: Omg, is that Shaquille ? He looks scary ...
Guy1: Nah, he's the best at GTA5 I swear.
Girl2: He's my boyfriend, such a sweetheart !!
by whatareyouatoad? May 19, 2020
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Shaquille is a kool lit mother fucking person who just wanna chill and have a gud time
by Unknownshaquillefromthesix December 29, 2016
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v. To eat something like there's no tomorrow.

adj. Posessing a ravenous appetite
He Shaquilled fourteen whoppers in no time flat.

That 350 pound guy is completely Shaquille.
by Cheddarlog August 29, 2003
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When you fuck a girl in the pussy so hard she can taste your cock
by Its_Nanners May 25, 2015
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Shaquil is a very handsome person and Everyone like it to hang out with him.

He is a lovely brother. Sometikes he makes a bad choice but he always get back to the right Path. 💙
A brother like Shaquil u never can get.
by Hond February 24, 2017
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